About Us

Call them tchotchkes, call them trinkets, mementos, curios, gewgaws or doodads. Whatever you want to call them, we love tiny treasures and have been collecting them for years! And we love sharing them with our customers, hand-selecting objects from our beloved collection to pair with sterling silver, beads, and gemstones, creating jewelry with a history...jewelry that truly has been years in the making. 

So go forth, we say, buy a piece of A Quirk of Art jewelry and wear your tchotchkes proudly!

About Beth
A Quirk of Art Jewelry is hand-crafted by Beth Taylor in our Bethlehem, PA studio. Beth’s journey with jewelry-making began in 2002 with a weekend workshop in metal jewelry fabrication. Who would have known that one weekend would lead her to her life's passion! But as soon as she picked up a torch and applied fire to metal, she knew she was hooked. 

Beth enjoys teaching jewelry-making nationally and her jewelry can be found in stores across the U.S.